Our History

Americore Drilling & Cutting is a family owned corporation that has ties to the core drilling industry as far back as 1972. The President and founder of Americore is a pioneer in the drill bit industry. Together with his father and brothers they helped pave the way for the concrete coring and cutting industry to become a force in the New York City construction market. There is no hole or opening that we can not make. We have worked together with almost every government construction agency as well as the biggest and best private firms in NYC. We are extremely proud to say that we have now become one of the top concrete cutting companies in America. Please give us a call to speak with one of our professional customer service reps to get a competitive price for your next concrete cutting project.  Thank you for visiting our website!

history-img-1Small trenches for interior plumbing works.
history-img-1Vibration Free demolition. Saw cutting 27" thick- heavily reinforced concrete slab in down town NYC.